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DD is the education workspace generated within the framework of Xnet's Democratic Digitalisation Plan. It has been created and powered by Xnet, families and promoting centres, IsardVDI, 3iPunt, MaadiX,, Evilham and funded by the Directorate for Democratic Innovation, the Barcelona City Council's Digital Innovation Commissioner, Social Economy Commissioner, in collaboration with the Barcelona Education Consortium, aFFaC and AirVPN.

DD can be used freely as long as this footer is included and the AGPLv3 license is respected.

What is DD?

DD sets up an identity provider and many apps providing a cohesive user experience considering schools and universities as the main use-case.

The project provides an integrated solution to handle the common environment in education:

  • Classrooms: A Moodle instance with custom theme and custom plugins
  • Cloud drive: A Nextcloud instance with custom theme and custom plugins
  • Documents: A document viewer and editor integrated with Nextcloud
  • Web pages: A Wordpress instance with custom theme and custom plugins
  • Pad: An Etherpad instance integrated with Nextcloud
  • Conferences: BigBlueButton integrated with Moodle and Nextcloud (needs a standalone host)
  • Forms: A forms Nextcloud plugin

Administration interface

The project includes an administration interface that allows to easily manage users and groups and keep these in sync between applications.

To easily migrate and insert users and groups to the system there are also two provided imports:

  • From Google Admin Console as a JSON dump
  • From a CSV file

I'm interested!

That's great! Whether you want to contribute or are interested in deploying DD for your organisation, we'll be happy to hear from you, here are some resources to aid you further:

Why does git history start here?

Why does git history start here? A lot of work went into stabilising the code and cleaning the repo before the public announcement on the 1st International Congress on Democratic Digital Education and Open Edtech. Using that version as a clean slate got us to the repo you see here, where changes will be reviewed before going in and anyone is welcome. When in doubt about authorship, please check each file's license headers. The authorship of the previous commits is from:
  • Josep Maria Viñolas Auquer
  • Simó Albert i Beltran
  • Alberto Larraz Dalmases
  • Yoselin Ribero
  • Elena Barrios Galán
  • Melina Gamboa
  • Antonio Manzano
  • Cecilia Bayo
  • Naomi Hidalgo
  • Joan Cervan Andreu
  • Jose Antonio Exposito Garcia
  • Raúl FS
  • Unai Tolosa Pontesta
  • Evilham

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