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It is quite important for operators to check this file before updating their production instances, as it may contain information that is critical for good continuity of the services.

Kinds of breaking changes

Nextcloud upgrades

Nextcloud upgrades must be carried out in a very specific order, if you follow DD closely you should not have issues with this on 2023 and beyond.

However, if you run an older instance, please find the 2022-12 - Nextcloud 24 section on this document, and follow the commands closely.

Further major upgrades will be documented here too, but they should have little to no impact.

Important changes in reverse chronological order


2023-03 - Nextcloud 25.0.5 + NC Docker rework

Update version to 25.0.5 and rework its docker image

The image now manages volumes and configuration in a better fashion, thanks to that we achieve an image that is closer to the original one, but gets the plugins that we want and the configuration that we want for integration with DD.

You can now define BBB_HOST and BBB_API_SECRET as variables in dd.conf, which are used to configure the corresponding plugin on Nextcloud.

You can also define a list of custom plugins to enable/disable in Nextcloud with the dd.conf variables: NEXTCLOUD_PLUGINS_ENABLE, NEXTCLOUD_PLUGINS_DISABLE. See dd.conf.sample for more information.

If upgrading from previous versions, you probably will want to check the permissions assigned to the user_saml plugin directory. You can also force its reinstallation with proper permissions with:

# Usually SRC_FOLDER in dd.conf is /opt/DD/src
rm -rf "${SRC_FOLDER:-/opt/DD/src}/nextcloud/custom_apps/user_saml/"
# Restart the NC container (only if previous command runs after upgrade)
# docker-compose restart dd-apps-nextcloud-app

Upgrade from a commit that includes Nextcloud major version 24 (see previous UPGRADE messages) with:

# Upgrade to NC version 24.0.10 (latest 24 minor on 2023-03-14)
# Note this commit already includes the reworked image
./dd-ctl update 65b90724bd45bc34e19c7c652ea1e085f52f92ab
# Upgrade to NC version 25.0.5  (latest 25 minor on 2023-03-31)
./dd-ctl update 7196db9c14c626e31abcd1ee4aab29b4f0c516ae

2023-02 - Nextcloud 24.0.10

Update version to 24.0.10

Upgrade from a commit that includes Nextcloud major version 24 (see previous UPDATING messages) with:

# Upgrade to NC version 24.0.10  (latest minor on 2023-02-28)
./dd-ctl update 65b90724bd45bc34e19c7c652ea1e085f52f92ab


2022-12 - Nextcloud 24

Starting with commits in december, DD's blessed Nextcloud version is 24.0.8.

Work is already being carried out to upgrade this to major version 25.

In order to safely upgrade to major version 24, the upgrade must be performed step-wise:

# Latest commit with NC major version 21 by default
./dd-ctl update db4a6d14e9a05ee1b0334aaf87af31703a4ae4d0
# Upgrade to NC version 22
./dd-ctl update cbb4e06e896da40430d66435589ab5ea8cf71420
# Upgrade to NC version 23
./dd-ctl update 57c87d7172579b8fbe0d8249f47ee0966621e252
# Upgrade to NC version 24.0.8  (latest minor on december 2022)
./dd-ctl update f55e830e2cd3071aceb604642fcfb5fdd8d5df17
# Upgrade to latest state of DD
# (read more recent notices of important changes before running this)
#./dd-ctl update