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Project Management guidelines

In order to work in a mostly harmonic fashion we need to agree on some general guidelines in how to manage things like issues, labels, etc.


Here we document the labels available in this project and how they ought to be used to organise and prioritise work.

Please propose any changes through a Merge Request changing this file that can be reviewed and commented.

Any label not listed on this document will be removed in the second half of June 2022.


How an issue should prioritised regarding its importance; note that this together with stage:: marks what should be worked on first.

  • priority::0-wishlist
  • priority::1-low
  • priority::2-medium
  • priority::3-high
  • priority::4-critical


Used to have a high-level overview around particular dates or deadlines; e.g. congress, school start, summer pause, ...

  • stage::2022_06
  • stage::2022_07_congress
  • stage::2022_08_summer
  • stage::2022_09_school_start
  • stage::far_future


Which parts of the whole system, if any, are affected by this issue.

Note that if the issue is in the systems part of a component, we will also apply the label kind::sysadmin.

  • component::Menu_Top&Bottom_Bar
  • component::administration_app
  • component::api
  • component::bigbluebutton
  • component::keycloak
  • component::monitorization
  • component::moodle
  • component::nextcloud
  • component::nextcloud-forms
  • component::notifications
  • component::onlyoffice
  • component::security-proxy
  • component::sistemas
  • component::wordpress


General classification of the kind of issue.

  • kind::automation
  • kind::bug
  • kind::documentation
  • kind::feature
  • kind::security
  • kind::sysadmin
  • kind::testing


Solving issues should follow this cycle:

  • workflow::0-triage
  • workflow::1-todo
  • workflow::2-in_progress
  • workflow::3-done_to_review
  • workflow::4-in_testing
  • workflow::5-ready_to_deploy